Radio Commercial
Radio Commercial
The primary form of radio advertising!

Pre-defined time slots offered by Radio Stations for brands to promote themselves. These are the primary advertising elements radio offers, the oldest in the game. Whatever innovations you add to your ad campaign, FCTs are the MUST HAVE’s!
Commercial times are further classified on the following basis:


Prime Time: 7am – 12noon, 5pm – 11pm..
Non Prime Time: 7am – 12noon, 12noon – 5pm, 5pm to 11pm..
The Entire Day: 12noon – 5pm.
RJ Mentions
RJ Mentions
Get RJ’s talking about your brand!

Popular RJ’s can be rewarding influencers for your brand because of their huge fan following. The approaches differ, accordingly the content and the type of audience. So, it is important that you carefully select the RJ you would like to endorse your brand. Which RJ would be the best for your brand? Consider the required location, your preferred station, and most importantly target group. Will they follow what the RJ certifies?




Sponsorship Tags

Build your brand identity through on-air Sponsorship!

Radio sponsorship generate brand awareness through association with a radio station’s program’s. A strong positive association is built in the listener’s mind, between the brand name and the attributes of the sponsored program .